Color Temporary Hair Chalk - Purple

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Hairspray/ Haircolor

Color Temporary Hair Chalk - Purple

  • $8.90

Try out different hair colors with this Color Temporary Hair Color!


How to Apply Vibrant Color On My Dark Hair or Blonde Hair
- Dampen Your Hair. Just a little, not too much. This step is to better color the hair, especially when the hair color chalk does not work on black hair, slightly damp the hair to make the hair color chalk effective. TIP: If you have blonde hair, you don't need to wet it unless you want the color to stay for even longer.
- Apply the Color. For best results, apply in a downward direction.
- Let it dry. After applying your unique style, simply it dry.

- Avoid using these 6 hair dye colors on eyebrows and eyelashes.
- Not for children under 3 years old.
- Store our hair chalks in cool dry area and out of direct sunlight.