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About Us

COSTUMES 'N' PARTIES has over 25 years of Costume Service Excellence. We are also the first to provide ONLINE RENTAL to the whole of SE.Asia.

  • To be the Ultimate Leading Provider of Costumes and Accessories in SE.Asia and Exceed our Customers’ Expectations by Providing Premium Services
  • To be a Top Manufacturer in Asia for Halloween Products, Feather Boas, Wigs, Steampunk Items, Inflatable Costumes, Costumes and Party Accessories
  • To reach greater heights than ever with State-Of-The-Art Technology in Automation and Continuous Innovation
  • To be the Best Costume Showroom in the Entire Planet

It is a showroom that can magically transport you into your fantasy world. Step into the Costumes ‘N’ Parties store in Havelock and it will probably cast a powerful spell, turning your childhood imaginings and fantasy adventures into a reality.

Ever wanted to be the empire that strikes back with Darth Vader, roar like Chewbacca, throw a punch like Rocky Balboa or dress up like Princess Elsa, Costumes ‘N’ Parties have just about the right costumes and accessories to help you fulfill that dream.

A perennial fixture in the entertainment and party scene in Singapore and Malaysia since 1997, Costumes ‘N’ Parties boost the largest selection of costumes and accessories in South East Asia.

Its humble beginnings can be traced back to its 300 sq ft shop at City Square shopping Centre, located at the second floor of Crown Princess Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Offering a modest 300 costumes for rental and sale, Costumes N Parties soon grew to become one of the leading and largest costume boutiques in Kuala Lumpur, boosting an extensive collection of costumes numbering to over 30,000 at its current location in The Weld Shopping Centre along Jalan Raja Chulan today.

Following its success in Malaysia, Costumes ‘N’ Parties expanded to Singapore and set up its first showroom at 73 Kampong Bahru, located opposite the Singapore General Hospital in 2010. However, with more costumes soon being added to its inventory, space also became a premium and that meant moving to its present showroom at Havelock II where it now has a vast collection of over 20,000 costumes for customers to choose from.

A trip to Costumes ‘N’ Parties is more than just a visit. It is a memorable shopping experience that will undoubtedly give you the chance to live out your childhood fantasies and rediscover your inner child.

We are MANUFACTURERS OF OUR OWN LABEL for boa feathers, costumes, steampunk items, halloween decorations & props, costume accessories, masquerade eyemasks, party wigs and inflatable costumes.


The Largest Selection of Costumes & Accessories in SE.Asia