Cancellation Policy (international Order)

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Cancellation Policy (international Order)


We take our business very seriously, so when you place your order, we begin processing it almost immediately. The bad news is that because we move so quickly to get orders out on time, it is often not possible to cancel an order once it is placed. If an order is in stock, it will be processed immediately. In short, you should consider that an order in stock placed is an order immediately processed and shipped.  Hence therefore not possible to cancel.



If you paid for your rental and decided not to rent anymore the following terms applies :

Clause 1 : $30 will be forfeited per costume on cancellation

Clause 2 : If cancellation on day of collection, $40 will be forfeited per costume.

Clause 3 : Cancellation policy is valid only prior to collection of the costume.

Clause 4 : All cancellations must be made through our website with your rental invoice ID.

Clause 5 : In group receipts, you will be charged only for the costumes cancelled according to the time frame mentioned above. The rest of the rentals would not be penalised.

Clause 6 : Any request for amendment of event date would be subjected to the same cancellation policy that is $30 forfeit

Clause 7 : Cancellation policy dates are calculated based on the start of the day (Singapore local time)

Clause 8 : The refundable deposit will be paid back by the payment mode used initially during rental. If Payment was by nets/cash/cheque – the mode of refund will be determined by management

PLEASE NOTE : All REFUNDABLE DEPOSITS FOR CANCELLATION that was paid in advance will be returned back within 3-7 working days upon cancellation of your rental in all cases