Harry Potter Gryffindor

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Harry Potter Gryffindor

  • $135.90

Get your child ready for the wizard life right now. You can start tutoring your child in the magic arts! with this Harry Potter Costume and they'll be ready to start their very first lesson.

Items Included

  • Robe
  • Necktie


1 - 2 yrs old

Chest 74cm
      Shoulder      36cm
Sleeves 43cm
Height       105cm - 115cm     

2 - 4 yrs old

Chest 80cm
      Shoulder      39cm
Sleeves 47cm
Height       115cm - 125cm     

5 - 7 yrs old

Chest 88cm
      Shoulder      41cm
Sleeves 50cm
Height       125cm - 135cm     

8 - 10 yrs old

Chest 99cm
      Shoulder      42cm
Sleeves 553cm
Height       135cm - 145cm     


11 - 12 yrs old


Chest 100cm
      Shoulder      44cm
Sleeves 55cm
Height       145cm - 155cm