Julius Seize Her

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Julius Seize Her

Julius Seize Her

Code: BRM10D
  • $70.00

His legendary skills aren't limited to the battlefield! This Julius Seize Her Costume pays tribute to the legendary Roman General, and eventual Emperor, Julius Caesar. Caesar was known for his impressive oratory skills, fearless battle tactics, and successful military campaigns. However, Caesar is possibly most famous for his infamous romance with Cleopatra VII of Egypt - which some historians believe led to his untimely downfall. Reclaim the legacy of history's most famous ruler with this daring Roman Costume!

 Items Included

  • Robe
  • Cape
  • Headband
  • Gauntlets
  • Belt


   Chest     34" - 35"
Waist 27" - 28"
Hips       36" - 37"